Featured Participant: The National Buffalo Museum

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Located in Jamestown, North Dakota, the National Buffalo Museum’s mission is to educate the public on the cultural and historical significance of the American bison. Museum exhibits explain the history and evolution of the buffalo, the species’ significance in the everyday lives of indigenous people, and the contemporary bison industry. The museum also houses the Buffalo Hall of Fame, which honors those who helped to save the bison from extinction.

Perhaps our most unique feature, though, is our live exhibit, a herd of approximately 30 buffalo who roam the plains surrounding the museum. The herd currently includes one rare white bison, Dakota Miracle. Dakota Miracle was born in 2007, and he is the offspring of one of our most famous herd members, White Cloud. White Cloud was an extremely rare albino bison. She was a part of the museum’s herd for about nineteen years, during which she had 13 bison calves, including Dakota Miracle. Sadly, White Cloud passed away due to old age in 2016, but she has been preserved and is on display in the museum. Not only is the white bison a scientific rarity, but some Native American tribes hold the white buffalo sacred. White Cloud’s taxidermy mount provides an excellent educational focal point for the museum, and helps us fulfill our mission of promoting the history and significance of the national mammal of the United States, the North American bison.

In addition to touring the museum, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the National Buffalo Museum’s store. The store showcases local, handmade jewelry, and unique buffalo-themed merchandise including clothing, glassware, and educational children’s toys and games, as well as books about the bison and plains ecology for adults and children. The store’s inventory provides excellent gifts and souvenirs, while also promoting the importance of the bison.

To celebrate Museum Store Sunday the museum will be open from 10am to 5pm on November 26th and will be offering free museum admission. The store will be promoting the day with numerous sales such as a free museum voucher with a purchase of $20, 10% off purchases of $50-$99, 15% off purchases of $100-$199, and 25% off purchases of $200 or more, and a 20% discount on museum memberships.

The National Buffalo Museum is an important part of the Jamestown community, and we are incredibly proud to be the only museum in North Dakota participating in Museum Store Sunday this year. We hope that Museum Store Sunday will help promote the museum’s resources and increase the attendance to the museum and store and that our participation will spark more North Dakota museums to participate next year to showcase the rich and noteworthy history in North Dakota.

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