Florida Souvenir Scarf for Museum Store Sunday

Florida scarf.jpg

DONA SCARVES has created a fabulous Florida “souvenir” scarf to be introduced in museum stores on Museum Store Sunday- November 26, 2017. This 100% silk twill scarf with hand stitched edging looks just like a high-end designer scarf without the designer price!  Artistically representing many of the wonderful museums in Florida, this scarf takes the souvenir idea to a whole new level of sophistication by using rich dynamic colors and bold graphics. This makes for a dramatic and eye-catching fashion statement.

Many Florida museum stores, under the direction of designer Donna McNett of Dona Scarves, joined together to launch this scarf in time for Museum Store Sunday. A design of lavender intersecting lines, inspired by the Museum Store Association (MSA) logo, emulates a Florida road map to state museums accented by a border of Florida’s indigenous vegetation and wildlife. These scarves are wearable art. They are little fashion statements that will relay a message and trigger memories of a museum visit. 

The theme of the scarf underscores the unique and carefully curated products available in museum stores. In addition, Dona Scarves is donating to the MSA Florida Chapter a percentage of each scarf sold. This will go towards the chapter’s scholarship fund and membership initiatives.

Julie Steiner, President, MSA Board of Directors, wrote recently, “One of the admonishments I heard when I was new to this field was that I should not refer to museum store products as “souvenirs”. Souvenirs, it was said, evoke cheap and poorly-made things, rather than the quality merchandise of world-class institutions. But there’s another way of thinking about that word, and that is as souvenir-- simply the French word for “memory”. What better compliment to a product could there be, than to have it contain a person’s memories? “

DONA SCARVES, Jacksonville, Florida, designs and manufactures custom scarves that creatively relay the museum experience. Dona Scarves can be found in many museum stores across the U.S. including Wisconsin, Boston, Washington, Nebraska and, of course, Florida.

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