How do I participate?

Step 1.  Browse the new MSS dedicated site. Review the Museum Store Portal to see why participating is so important and inspiring. The first year of Museum Store Sunday was a wonderful success for many of our participants. If you are considering participating in MSS for 2018, take a look at these statistics. For Museum Store Sunday 2017 versus the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2016 our participants reported a:

  • +37% increase in museum visitors
  • +32% increase in store visitors
  • +60% increase in net sales
  • +23% increase in museum store transactions
  • +186% increase in website net sales

73% of our participants described their sales for MSS as having increased or significantly increased. Some of our participants noted they saw “triple digit sales increases”, “it was the best Sunday after Thanksgiving ever”.

Step 2. Fill out and submit the registration form. This step will get your institution added to our global map showing institution participation in MSS.

Step 3. A branded and standardized marketing tool kit will be offered here on the website to Museum Store Association members for you to download. Browse through a variety of event ideas to determine the right size and scope that works for your institution. Suggestions will include from partnering with local museums, inviting vendors to launch a new product, offer a one day special or discount and more. Take time to review vendor offers on the MSS web site.  A discount is a great offer, but MSS is more than just a discount!  It is an opportunity to customize promotions to showcase the uniqueness of Museum Stores.

Step 4.  Work with your marketing department to get the word out to local publications, event sites on the web and on the Institution’s web site. Use the current press release to send to local papers or use as a template to generate your own. Reach out to membership to encourage members to participate.

Step 5. Post signs throughout the store, membership desk and at visitor services locations to announce the upcoming of MSS. Use social media to get the word out through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and eblasts. Link your websites out to the MSS social media pages. See here for the approved MSS hashtags.

Step 6.  Talk it up with your staff. Get them excited about the day by making them part of the process. Word of mouth to customers is a great way to drive visitation!

Step 7.  Set a sales goal target and create a marketing strategy for the day.

Step 8.  Just do it! Enjoy the interaction with customers knowing that this global event is happening: we are introducing the great world of Museum Stores to an international audience!

Where do I sign-up?

We are happy to add you to the growing list of participants. To add your store, institution, or organization to the Museum Store Sunday participation list, click here.