1000 Museums Special.jpg

Company Name: 1000Museums powered by Art Authority

Contact Name: Alan Oppenheimer

Email :


Phone: 541-292-9200

Offer Details: Stock up for Museum Store Sunday with 30% off postcards and free shipping of U.S. wholesale orders over $500.

Channel Craft Special.jpg

Company Name: Channel Craft

Contact Name: Dean Helfer

Email :


Phone: 1-800-232-4 FUN!

Offer Details: Free Demos of any Edu-tainment Product, or Offset Freight on your Museum Store Sunday Order, or Free Displays!

DavidHowell Special.jpg

Company Name: David Howell & Company

Contact Name: Jeanne M. May, Sales Manager

Email :


Phone: 914-666-4080 x114

Offer Details: 5% discount given back to the museum for David Howell & Company products sold on Museum Store Sunday.

Found Image Special.jpg

Company Name: Found Image Press

Contact Name: Barry Bell

Email :


Phone: 800-927-3722

Offer Details: Please contact for specials

Galison Mudpuppy Special.jpg

Company Name: Galison + Mudpuppy

Contact Name: Steven Scott

Email :

Website: /

Phone: 212-354-8840 x222

Offer Details: - 40 units or more = Extra 2% AND Net 90 terms = (50% nonreturnable discount/48% returnable)
- 100 units or more = Additional 2% AND Net 90 terms = (52% nonreturnable discount/50% returnable)
- PROMO CODE: PAT18 (Must be written on PO to receive special)
- NO FUTURE SHIPS—all orders must ship ASAP.
- Multiple Orders OK.
To order, please contact your local Chronicle Books Sales Rep or you may call/email your order directly to: 1-800-759-0190 /


Company Name: Kamibashi

Contact Name: Kristen Daniels

Email :


Phone: 828-333-5166

Offer Details: Order 40 or more String Dolls ($5 each, or $200 minimum order total) and receive 10 string dolls (25% more!) FREE!

MP Barcelona ad 500 x 400.jpg

Company Name: MP Barcelona

Contact Name: Tina Rohatsch

Email :


Phone: 718-387-4332

Offer Details: 10% off all orders over $500 with code MSS2018


Company Name: Pomegranate

Contact Name: Katie Burke

Email :


Phone: 503-328-6500 x6503

Offer Details: Order by November 9, 2018 to receive free freight on orders of $250 or more, or free freight, a 55% discount, net 60 on orders of $500 or more


Company Name: Popcorn Custom Products

Contact Name: Steve Santangelo

Email :


Phone: 860-610-0000

Offer Details: 25% off "Art Matters" product line. Through December 31st, 2018 - Sales Code: MSS2018


Company Name: WorldFinds

Contact Name: Mary Lind Mahmud

Email :


Phone: 800-609-9303

Offer Details: Use the code MSS10 to receive 10% off orders $300 or more!