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Become A MSA Member


Your Museum Store Association membership gives you the tools, education, and community to enhance your visitors’ experience. Nonprofit retail professionals across the nation turn to MSA to connect, learn and do business with like-minded professionals that understand the intricacies of museum stores.


MSA empowers you as a store operator to extend the experience of your visitors into their lives, homes and memories. You are the key to creating a a meaningful retail operation that excites and inspires customers. An MSA membership gives you access to the knowledge, resources and community that will support you in creating a thriving and profitable store that supports the greater mission of you and your institution.


Webinars, regional events and MSA publications provide insight into cutting-edge trends and ideas, as well as access to thought leaders in the profession. MSA also offers a Non-Profit Retail Certificate Program to gain the knowledge you need to continue your career growth and to advocate for yourself and store. The program offers a flexible menu of coursework to meet your budget, schedule and interests.

Conduct Business

MSA vendors are the trusted business partners of hundreds of museum store buyers across the globe. MSA vendors range from family-owned businesses to individual artisans, including custom product developers, and store operations providers, suppliers and consultants. As varied as MSA vendors are, they all have one thing in common–They love museum stores. MSA provides both museum store buyers and vendors a platform to connect in this distinctive industry—buyers don’t have to look far, and vendors have access to this unique target audience.

Networking and Leadership

MSA’s online community, ShopTalk is a unique platform where you can ask questions, gather ideas and connect with peers. In addition, eight regional chapters help guide the future of the organization, while giving you opportunities for valuable leadership experience as a committee or board member.

If you are interested in becoming an MSA member, we welcome you! Visit to sign up and start learning.