The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Q.  Can all museum stores participate in MSS?

A.  Museum Store Sunday participation is open to all nonprofit retailers whether Museum Store Association members or non-members. The only requirement is that the museum store be a nonprofit entity.

Q. Does my institution have to pay to participate in Museum Store Sunday?

A.  No. We want to welcome as many museum stores to participate as are interested. All you have to do is Register and then start planning special events for the day.  Click here for some great ideas.

Q. How can vendors get involved in MSS?

A.  You can partner with museums on November 25 for in-store events such as trunk shows, meet the maker, book signings, cooking demonstrations, or new product launches. You also can sponsor regional museum events. If interested, the MSS Regional Contacts can help match you with museums planning multi-venue events.  And, of course, shop your local museum stores on November 26!

Q. Can I become a MSS sponsor even though the deadline has passed? Who would I contact to for sponsorship opportunities?

A.  Yes, there are still opportunities to  sponsor this global initiative! Although Founding Sponsor and Charter Sponsor levels have closed, we are currently seeking Contributing Sponsors for Museum Store Sunday. Please email Ari Lowenstein at for further information.

Q. I would like to become a member of the Museum Store Association. What should I do?

A.  We welcome you to our organization. Please click here to visit the MSA website for membership information.

Q. How do I access the branding and marketing materials?

A.  You must be a member of the Museum Store Association to access the branding materials.  Once you register to participate in MSS, if you are a MSA member, you will be sent the password to access the files. Additionally, upon registration, you will be sent a link to invite you to contribute one image for your landing block in the Store Locator.

Q. Can I make my own products for Museum Store Sunday?

A.  Yes, you can create any kind of product that will work best for your store. However, you must follow the Branding Standards and Re-Use Requirements listed on the Tool Kit.

Q. Can I alter the MSS branding to match my store?

A.  No, if you plan to use the Museum Store Sunday name, logo or branding, you must adhere to the Branding Standards. You may not change the font, color, look or tag line of the official MSS branding. Great care and attention was used in the crafting of the MSS branding and it must remain consistent across all platforms and merchandise worldwide, in adherence with the Brand Standards and Re-Use Requirements.

Q.  Does my museum store have to host events in order to participate in MSS?

A.  You are able to host as few or as many events as you would like. How you choose to celebrate Museum Store Sunday is up to you. Here are a few ideas...

Q. How do I promote MSS  to the press and on social media?

A.  The press release is located here in the News section of the website and also in the Tool Kit. You can use it for promotional purposes in your local area. We have created a document Social Media Strategies to assist you in marketing MSS on social media. We also ask you to use the Talking Points as you are communicating with press.  Once you access the MSS branding files, you can use the logo across all of your institution and store online promotions. If creating content for social media, please be sure to use the official hashtags created for MSS: #beapatron, #iamapatron, #museumstoresunday, #patronofculture, #shopmuseumstores.

Q. I still have questions about Museum Store Sunday. What should I do?

A.  The Outreach Committee for the Museum Store Sunday will be happy to help you with any outstanding questions. Please reach out to the MSA representative serving your regional area.  Click here for details.